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Rethnaraj Rambabu Wednesday, December 9, 2009

'Upload video feature' is not available in the new post editor of Blogger. Thus, all you have to do is switch back to old post editor or using Blogger in Draft. To switch back to old post editor, go to Settings|Basic. Then, scroll down until you see a select post editor option and select old editor option. Save the settings.

The Blogger in Draft is a special editor of Blogger where they try out their new features before they release it in The post editor in Blogger in draft has a video uploading tool and define/translate tool.

 *Note: I'm using the old post editor for this tutorial.

 1. Go to create new post page.

2. Click on the Upload video button on the toolbar.

3.  A window appears prompting you add a video to your blog post.

4. Give a title for the video and upload it.


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