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Rethnaraj Rambabu Friday, December 25, 2009

When I starting blogging,  I was totally confused with Gadgets and Widgets. I was wondering what is the difference between gadgets and widgets? I started "Google-ing" it to find out the truth. Several sites that I visited were using the word "widgets" and some other sites used "gadgets". Making my confusion worse.

Finally, I found the best answer for my question and here it is.

A widget is a piece of reusable code that you can plug into virtually any website. A gadget acts just like a widget, often fulfilling the same purpose, but it is proprietary. It only works on a certain website or a specific set of websites.
For example, Google Gadgets can look and act like widgets. But they only work on Google pages.
A widget, on the other hand, works on any page that lets you add an HTML block. You can put them on your blog, or your personalized start page, or your personal website.-Source

You can see my sidebar contains Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Followers and Tags Cloud. Those are examples of widgets we are talking about. I am using code from FeedBurner for the recent posts, and recent comments widgets.

So, here comes my definition for "widgets". Widgets are third party elements or codes that are reusable, easily-organizable and make a page more interesting.

Update: Google gadgets can work not only in Google pages but everywhere. Read about it here!


Anonymous said...

fyi this isn't correct-- gadgets in fact work on any page of the web:

Raj said...


Thx for your update......I will refer to the link you provided.....
And I hope you will Name/URL option to leave a comment... =)


Unknown said...

hey This is Aravind. I'm using PRO indexer Theme..
I want to keep gadjets in the bottom portion of the page as it was in Lunax.
How can i do that?

Rethnaraj Rambabu said...

Aravind, actually the theme comes with three column footer feature with "Add a gadget" function...have a look at these..

Unknown said...

Its alright..
Thank you

Anonymous said...

thanks... :)

worldfriendHARI said...

so nice explanation..thank you to all in

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